It’s worth following the dreams

We all possess talents and abilities, but we must challenge them to fully discover them and thereby perceive the effect they will have in achieving all the longings and dreams we want to achieve.

It’s now at this very moment in our lives that we have to make the courage flourish to choose the path that will lead us to the success we desire, as we embark on this path we go through a natural process of depression, frustration, anxiety and even disappointment. We must give our strongest version and it is in it where we apply the tools acquired throughout our life.

Before we begin this process we have to ask ourselves, are we ready to embark on this journey? There may be insecurities in responding but we must be ready to know what we face, we must take every opportunity that life gives us to continue learning, invest in ourselves and become the sole owners of our life.

We must be leaders of our path, but we must first understand that being a leader is defined by the simple act of knowing that we are able to give answers to anything or circumstance that happens to us, but this goes beyond what is typically stated, that is to say, we have to lead the way of our new path, we have to take risks, we have to be constant, passionate, innovative, we have to strive day by day for what we want, to some extent we will achieve great success with the path we choose.

Sometimes we give up without even trying, we make excuses again and again, we don’t want to go through the pain of failure because we fall into a doubt or we just fear failure. Now I realize that all of that is just excuses imposed on us by ourselves and by other people who put up barriers that prevent us from getting out of our comfort zone, I am convinced that we must keep up a constant struggle as to the direction of achieving our goals.

We go through difficult times where we question conformism and at the same time often question the direction of our lives.

No matter how many times we fall or if no one believes in us, as long as one believes in oneself and has the right mindset to strive to achieve goals, We will have everything we want and these difficult times will fade again as I commit to the life of rising again and again to assert dreams without anyone getting in the way.

All of these ideas have a simple beginning and as you move forward their complexity can grow, we all start with a simple desire like getting up every morning and thinking about how I can change the world and that’s where it starts, but this will grow when it is built with that push that will only be given by the will to keep fighting dreams.




A little story to write.

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Bryan Londoño

Bryan Londoño

A little story to write.

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